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Employment Type:      Full-time – Based in HCMC

Start date:                 As soon as possible

Report to:                  CEO/Founder

Mission for the Role

The Development and fundraising Manager will support our goals as a not-for-profit organisation by helping to develop, organise and maange our fundraising and corporate partnerships development efforts in order to guarantee the sustainability and financial viability of our activities.


Specific responsibilities

  • Manage the accounts of different key corporate partners and individual givers of our organization, including strategic design for each relationship, follow-up and communication management, preparation of relevant presentations and partnership packages, planning of key meetings and support to the CEO in preparing for those.
  • Research and create a strategy for connecting with key partners and potential supporters and funders of our organization.
  • Write and manage grant applications and reports to support our organization’s efforts.
  • Plan and coordinate fundraising events and other events with our external partners.
  • Build and maintain a wide base of contacts and supporters.
  • Ensure the renewal of existing donations.

Because we are a start-up organisation, every staff member in our organisation is expected to pitch in as needed outside of his/her department as well.  This would include, for example: supporting our recruitment efforts, meeting with principales, and other strategies essential to the success of our mission.



  1. Strong organisational and planning skills and ability to manage competing priorities.
  2. Exceptional attention to detail.
  3. Strong strategic thinking and problem-solving skills.
  4. Excellent written and verbal communication skills and effective presentation skills.
  5. Ability to work well with others and build strong relationships.
  6. Ability to operate independently in a fast-paced, goal-driven environment and to learn on-the-job.
  7. Openness and flexibility.
  8. Demonstration of our core values – see below.

        Preferred Qualifications:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree required (business, HR, psychologgy majors preferred, but not essential).
  2. Demonstrated results in achieving a high-impact goal.
  3. Experience managing projects and events.
  4. Fundraising and/or foundation experience strongly preferred.
  5. English fluency (verbal and written)

To apply, please send an e-mail entitled “Application for Development and Fundraising Manager_Your Name” to people@teachforvietnam.org with a CV and a cover letter.

Due to the high number of applicants, we can only answer to successful candidates.  Thank you for your understanding.

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